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The versatile & robust design & construction of the TerraForge™ row unit starts with the Base Assembly. The parallel arm system accompanied with extension springs, ensures constant ground contact in varying terrains while offering an auto resetting trip system to clear even the largest foreign obstruction.


Row Cleaner Kit

Remove all trash & large debris with the TerraForge™ Row Cleaner Kit. Larger blades rotate slower, eliminating the throwing of trash onto neighboring rows. 

22” Diameter “Saw Tooth” blade

Heavy duty 4 bolt hubs

Pneumatic down pressure with mechanical spring return

*When paired with the TruAG TruForce Air System, the row cleaner down pressure can be easily adjusted from the cab.

Lower Kits

The TerraForge™ Lower Assembly starts the berm building process by piercing & slicing the ground surface & creating a fracture point for the trailing coulter or shank. 

Blow-Out Preventer Kit

This option prevents soil from boiling outside the reach of closing system. The Blow-Out Preventer Kit keeps soil in and trash out resulting in a uniform, well-defined strip.

Dual 20” bubble coulters

Sealed bearing 4 bolt hubs

Mechanical spring down pressure

Shank Kits

The TerraForge™ Shank Kits are widely versatile and accommodate most fertilizer programs. The same shank system can accommodate just the plain berm building set up to the dual fertilizer application system. The interchangeable base design includes the shank body, shank point, & point lock and can be accessorized with bolt-on attachments for multiple fertilizer applications.

Shank Points

Coulter Shank Kits

The Coulter Shank Kit offers an applicator the ability to re-condition existing strips using the same row unit used to build the original strip. Designed for light tillage applications & working depth, this kit can re-condition, apply another fertilizer pass, & warm soils prior to planting.

Closing Systems

The TerraForge™ Closing System forms, seals, and builds an ideal berm by pulling the loose soil back into a consistent built berm. Versatile designs offer multiple blade options, mounted positions, & pitch angles. Grease-less pivot points & a sealed hub bearing construction requires no maintenance.

Berm Conditioning

Form, shape, & size the berm with any of the TerraForge™ Berm Conditioning systems. Versatile design accepts any of the two options of rolling baskets, sealed bearing construction requires no maintenance, & simple pin-out spring down pressure adjustment makes changes to ground contact a quick & easy process.

Rolling Baskets

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